Storage Sync: 11.0.1 (12/14/2016)

Updates Include:

  • Addressed an issue where AD join fails and DNS lookup fails to resolve.  The administrator must add the forward and reverse-lookup records in the domain controller if there are name resolution issues between Storage Sync and the domain controller.
  • Addressed an issue where Storage Sync UI times out on active Active Directory
  • Addressed an issue where Storage Sync fails to fetch and map users if the number of users and groups in Active Directory is large
  • Addressed an issue in synchronizer where new file versions were created when there are no updates

Known Issues:

  • On very rare occasions, Storage Sync does not correctly set the default getaway.  In order to fix this, connect to the device's CLI console, sign in as egnyteservice and execute the script from the command line to change network parameters.



The following upgrade paths are supported for this release:

  • Version 11.0 →11.0.1


How to Upgrade from Storage Sync 10.x

Storage Sync 11.0.1 is built on top of 64-bit CentOS 7.1 version. This requires deploying a new virtual machine (VM) and moving the data disk to this VM. Please refer to the migration guide in order to move data and configuration from the existing Storage Sync 10.x VM to Storage Sync 11.0.1.

For previous versions of Storage Sync, please first upgrade to Storage Sync 10.3.


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