Check out Egnyte’s New Navigation Menu and a New Feature: ‘Tasks’

We heard your requests and feedback.  Egnyte recently released a way for users to assign tasks to each other called Task Manager.  Part of Task Manager involves re-organizing the top bar so that users can easily access these new features.  Please see the changes below, and, as always, we welcome any feedback!


Top Navigation



The bookmarks tab is now the topmost menu item on the left panel.

Users can continue to add folders to the bookmark by using the context menu.

Top Navigation

The new top navigation has been streamlined to allow access to the “Files” navigation and the new “Tasks” feature.  

Meanwhile, with a pure visual change, the “Search Bar” has been moved as a menu item of the “Files” tab.

Clicking on the text field causes the search screen to take up the full page and search otherwise behaves as it previously did.


This new feature is intended to help users collaborate within files.

Creating and Interacting with Tasks

As you’re working on a file and you need an action to be taken by another user, you can assign a task by clicking on the Tasks tab in the file preview.

On the right panel is a “New Task” button which, when clicked, opens a dialog box to input a task’s description, assignee, and an optional due date.

Different files will have the specific tasks associated with that file on the right panel in the “Tasks” tab of the file preview.  The original assignor can always edit the task to change the description, assignee, and due date or even to delete the task.  Both the assignor and the assignee have the option to change the status of a task to “complete”.  In addition, the assignee has the option to “decline” an assigned task.  Users that are neither the assignee nor assignor will be able to see the task in the task listing, but they will not be able to change the status of a task.  Note that, as a security feature and similar to @mentions in comments, standard users cannot search for other standard users and thus a standard user cannot assign a task to another standard user.  

Collaborative conversation surrounding the task will still appear in the “Comments” tab.

Task Management

Users will get notifications in the Web UI and emails when they have tasks due, assigned, declined, etc.  This will help user to address the most urgent tasks.  

Web UI:


Users heavily using tasks will be able to get a holistic view of their tasks by viewing the “My Tasks” tab from the main page.

The “My Tasks” page is split between tasks “Assigned to me” and tasks “Assigned by me”.  The user will be able to navigate to all the files that have an associated task, view all the task descriptions on the same page, get the respective assignor or assignee information, and the date a task was assigned and due.  In addition, the user will be able to perform all the same interactions they would’ve been able to perform in the file.  For example, assignors will be able to edit, delete, or complete tasks directly from the “My Tasks - Assigned by me” listing.



Egnyte Tasks API

In case you need to work with Tasks programmatically, you can always use Egnyte Tasks API.



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