Web UI: Quickly Discover New Features and More! (12/5/2016)

This Web UI release features a UI refresh for opening Google files in the Egnyte Web UI and the ability to quickly learn about new Egnyte features.

UI Refresh for Opening Google Files

Automatically open Google files in a new browser tab instead of showing a PDF preview.  The “Open in Google Docs” button in the top bar of the preview pane and the context menu is now customized based on the extension for docs, sheets, slides and draw.

Discover New Features

Quickly learn about the latest features in our Egnyte Web UI.  Click on “Discover New Features” in the Embedded Help Widget to scroll through visual descriptions of the new features that are ready for you to utilize.

Developer Updates

  • The Metadata API has a new endpoint to edit metadata keys in existing namespaces.  For more information on creating and editing metadata via the Metadata API, please refer to this page on the Developer Portal.
  • The Search API now also returns the group_id in search results.  For more information about the Search API, please refer to this page on the Developer Portal.
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

Want to connect with other Egnyte users and our Egnyte team? Share ideas and ask questions in our Community .