Web UI: Virus Scans in Trial Domains (11/21/2016)

This Web UI release increases protection against downloading malware via share links from trial accounts.

Virus Scans in Trial Domains

In addition to preventing the creation of links with malicious file extensions, we now prevent users from accessing or downloading any files that are malware.  If a trial account generates multiple links that contain malware, the trial account is automatically disabled and the administrators are informed via email.

Other Updates

  • Update a metadata namespace via the Metadata API.  For example, a namespace entitled “location” can be updated to “jobsite” to better describe the tags that are in that namespace.  To learn more about how to set custom metadata via the API, please refer to the Metadata API documentation on the Developer Portal.
  • Improved trash search by making folder paths case insensitive.
  • Users with invalid first/last names can reset their password without having to modify their first/last name.
  • Generate audit reports for a time span of less than 24 hours using the Public API.
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