Web UI: User-Managed Trash (11/14/2016)

This Web UI release features the ability for power users to manage the trash for content that they have deleted.

User-Managed Trash

Users can now manage trash for files that they have deleted in the Collaborative Web UI.  Users can view the contents, search for deleted files, and restore selected files to their Egnyte accounts.  Administrators can modify the ability for power users to manage trash under “Configuration” → “Trash and Retention Policies” → “Users can view and restore items they have deleted in trash”.

Other Updates

  • The search bar is not displayed on Web UI pages that do not relate to storage, such as Settings and Egnyte Builder.
  • Custom metadata namespaces must all be unique within a domain.  To learn more about how to set custom metadata via the API, please refer to the Metadata API documentation on the Developer Portal.
Egnyte Community

Egnyte Community

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