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Introducing New Migration App Features: Opt Out of Sanitize and Improved Agent Behavior


Migration App v1.16.1 / 3.13.2 Release Date: November 24, 2022

Migration Operator May Opt Out of Sanitize

Recently, when we introduced the option to Sanitize On the Fly, we had required the Migration Operator to choose between either Sanitize On the Fly or Sanitize On the Source.

With this release, the Migration Operation may opt out of Sanitizing entirely. Opt-out is offered at the command options modal (Data Migration Options or True-Up Options), or may be specified on Advanced Options (On the Source, On the Fly, Ad Hoc, or Never.)


Command Options Modal


Advanced Options Sanitize Modal

Improved Agent Update Behavior

Previously, when the agent needed to be updated, the installer would not proceed in two instances:

  1. When any migration jobs associated with the agent were actively running,
  2. When the Windows host system was pending an update.

We wanted this behavior to evolve to be more elegant and intuitive, so the new approach to these two events is as follows:

  1. If the agent needs to be updated when migration jobs are in progress, the agent will first allow all jobs to finish. Any new commands will be held in a queue. Once all jobs are finished, the agent will update. After updating the agent, commands in the queue will be initiated sequentially.
  2. If the Windows host system indicates an update is pending, the agent installer will still proceed.

Issues Addressed

  • Migration App Failing with Error 912

There was a restriction in the previous release for migrating data to /Private/  folders that limits logged in users to only migrate data into their own private folder. We are lifting this restriction in v1.16.1 release so that any admin user can migrate data to another (admin/power/standard) user private folder.

There is still a limitation for Power Users. Power Users cannot migrate content to Private folders of other users. Only Admins can migrate data into Private folders of other users.

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