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Secure & Govern - New S&G Dashboard


Release Date: November 17, 2022  Secure & Govern 17.4 Release

New Secure & Govern Dashboard

The new Secure & Govern Dashboard redesign will likely be familiar to clients as there is no new functionality introduced. However, it provides a new dashboard design that aligns with our overall Egnyte user experience redesign project that is progressing across the product.  It also adds a new architectural framework that makes viewing this dashboard easier across different device types (mobile, tablet, desktop) and enables us to add new functionality in the future.

The new dashboard provides clients the ability to do all of the analysis, reporting and remediation actions that they can do in the current dashboard. Users will notice a new layout that is based on the dashboard widgets that are most frequently used by Admins with the most frequently used widgets placed in the top rows.  For more information please see the Secure & Govern Dashboard Redesign article.

Improved Identifier for SAR Results in Spreadsheets

Content classification for spreadsheets happens in two ways, the standard way in which all files are classified and via alternative extraction specially designed for spreadsheets. When using alternative extraction the spatial information within spreadsheets is maintained which helps in increasing the accuracy of pattern matches. This release improves the usage of the alternative extraction method for generating SAR results

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