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Improvements Introduced in Desktop App for Windows Version 3.14.5


Desktop App for Win 3.14.5  Release Date:  Nov 9, 2022

Command Line Interface Command to Set Up Co-Editing Preferences

In version 3.14.5 we made it possible to set up through Command Line Interface a preferred
Co-editing setting (whether to always co-edit, never co-edit, or always ask). These settings can
be changed as well in the drive configuration section.
The following commands through CLI can be applied:

Set default collaboration settings:

Required parameter:

-command set_collab_settings

Optional parameters:

-Default collaboration setting for Word:

-w [ask/always/never]

-Default collaboration setting for Excel:

-e [ask/always/never]

-Default collaboration setting for PowerPoint:

-p [ask/always/never]

Issues Addressed

  • Fix for an intermittent issue with not working options in context menu on Windows 11
  • Fix for an issue with duplicated drives shown in navigation panel in explorer
  • Fixed issues with files saved  in ETAP software - adding version support for aafs files 
  • Fixed intermittent issues and improved performance to support downloads of larger files

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Co-editing is not supported with Smart Cache connection for versions of Smart Cache below 2.7.
  • For updates on Windows 11 support and known limitations, refer to this article.

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