macOS Ventura has been available for upgrade for Mac users since October 24th, 2022.  In testing available versions, we have identified several issues which are detailed below.

After conducting tests on the regular Desktop App, we have spotted one major issue, which has been reported to Apple. Issue is listed in the Known Issues section below. Apart from the aforementioned issue, Desktop App version 3.14.9 or higher is compatible with OS Ventura.

Regarding the Desktop App Core, we do not recommend upgrading to macOS Ventura until we have officially announced our compatibility with the new OS version

If you have already upgraded to macOS Ventura, please see the known issues listed below that may impact your experience with Egnyte Desktop App Core and Egnyte Desktop App:

Known Issues

Desktop App and Desktop App Core

Upload or Delete Actions not Being Reflected in the Cloud for Desktop App Core

macOS Ventura has a bug in the File Provider framework that causes some upload and delete operations to succeed on the local disk but fail to propagate to the cloud until an application or system restart. This bug has been reported to Apple and affects all other applications built on Apple's File Provider framework.  If you plan to use Desktop App Core we strongly recommend against upgrading to macOS Ventura until Apple fixes this issue.

Widget Frozen on "Recents" List

On macOS Ventura, we have observed that once a user clicks on a folder in the Recent Files section the Finder window opens, but the widget does not disappear and remains “frozen”. Clicking on the Egnyte tray icon unfreezes the widget.


No Alert when File is Moved to Egnyte Drive on Desktop App Core

In Desktop App Core v0.2, we introduced a warning when a user moves a file between Egnyte and their local drive.


We observed that in macOS Ventura, moving a file from local drive to Egnyte Drive does not trigger a warning.