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Recent Feature in Desktop App Core for Mac v0.2


Desktop App Core for Mac 0.2  Release Date:  October 27, 2022

In June this year we released a new application called Egnyte Desktop App Core. It is created to address the issues with app deployment (approving kernel extensions) and freeze issues that occur on M1 Pro and M1 Max devices.

More details about the new experience can be found in this article

Currently, the Desktop App Core is being certified to support macOS Ventura. For more information, see here

Recently Accessed Files 

The Recents section appears in the home section of Desktop App. The list presents ten most recent files user either downloaded or uploaded. Clicking on the file will take the user directly to the file. Recents will also display uploaded files. If any files failed to upload, user receive a message explaining why and you can retry once the appropriate corrections have been made.


Warning on Moving File(s) from/to Egnyte

In DA Core, moving an item by drag and drop from/to drive does not result in a copy (like in a legacy desktop app) but it is actually a move operation (more information about this change is described in this article)

Upon such a move, following warning is shown below. 

User has a possibility to revert the action by clicking “Cancel” or to proceed. Additionally, if “Don’t ask again” is checked, such warning will not appear anymore.


Auto-Upgrade Supported on the PKG Distribution

In this version, we added support for auto-upgrade if the app was deployed via PKG distribution.  The PKG version can be download here.

Issues Addressed

Fixed Issue with Specific Custom Access URLs

There was an issue with adding a drive with a Custom Access URL in specific formats. In this version, we fixed this issue, so all Custom Access URLs are right now allowed.

Known Issues/Limitations

Following Egnyte Desktop App features are currently not present in the Egnyte Desktop App Core (v 0.2)

  1. Offline folder sync and Connected Folders
  2. Smart Cache connection
  3. Search files within the widget
  4. Microsoft Co-editing or other 3rd party integrations through the Finder context menu
  5. Configuration of data-usage throttling
  6. Connection Monitor

These features will be added in upcoming releases of the Desktop App Core. Once Desktop App Core reaches full parity with the older Desktop App, this will replace the current version.

Other Notable Limitations

  1. Desktop App Core will run ONLY on OS Monterey
  2. There is a difference in Command Line Interface usage - this is described in this article
  3. Custom Cloud Start Path can only be added via Command Line Interface and only during the drive addition step. After the addition, it cannot be changed.
  4. If the Core version of the app is running alongside with current production Egnyte Desktop App, there might be some problems when connecting a drive that needs SSO.
  5. The application checks for open files every 30 seconds and renews or closes locks depending on the file open. This means that files may remain locked for up to 30 seconds after closing the file.
  6. Opening files from a third-party application’s recently opened files feature (for example, recently opened files in MS Word) may result in opening an older version of the file (if the file has been changed by someone else and the user hasn’t visited the folder where the file resides).
  7. Some skips will remain on the list even after skipped files are removed from the cloud drive. Clicking “retry all” in the skips panel will resolve those skipped items.
  8. Thumbnails/previews are available only for certain file extensions when listed in a folder and the rest after the given file is downloaded.
  9. Context menu: There are some options for which the user does not have permission in the context menu and will no longer be made visible. For example, the rename and duplicate option will not be available in a read-only folder.
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